Scrum and Kanban

Weeks ago, our team had our first workshop in Agile-Scrum. Our CSM gave an overview of the approach and some of the basic reasons behind it.

Key take-aways:

1. Focused/Vertical dev effort.
2. Flexibility as a built-in application of the method
3. Learn as we do, to lead to doing it better

We also decided to bring in TDD and BDD into the mix, using TDD first, with the goal of using BDD with a future project.

Test-driven development using nUnit, plugin for VS2010. Behavior-driven development using SpecFlow.

Continuous Integration will soon be in the process, most likely using TeamCity to manage our builds, from SubVersion repository.

Our key concern is the divergence of efforts, as we decided to keep devoting 25% of the team to maintenance efforts of legacy apps, using Kanban approach.

Hoping to increase team productivity, 75% of the team (not on maintrnance track) will be focused on a single item of WIP (work in progress), at any given time. Each sprint is one week long.

Frequent interaction and feedback with product owner is key. Self organization within the team, using pomodoro and time-boxing methods, will be useful.

On the table for client-side testing is employing qUnit to properly test JavaScript/jQuery interactions with the DOM and web services.

Planning to add additional memoir on Scrum/Kanban in the coming months.